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Consultancy Services For Custom

Consultancy Services for Customs

Invaluable consultancy services are available regarding Customs Tariff applicability, Laws, Procedures and Sales Tax. Guidance is provided in the preparation of Import documents so as to avoid delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods.

In matters of dispute we prepare, attend and contest legal cases up to Collector (Adjudication) level. We also help and assist attorneys engaged by our clients on professional matters in cases where Tribunal or Higher Courts are involved.

Our Mission is to:

  • Clearance at all Stations in Pakistan.
  • Pre-import warning on tax groupings, concessionary notices, valuation, import and fare controls.
  • Help shippers all through the globe to limit traditions obligation and other production network costs Accutane.
  • Set-up and oversee obligation help execution benefits that incorporate Inward Processing and Outward Processing (IP/OP)
  • Deal with the task capably, with practically no asset contribution from our customers.
  • Guarantee that our customers are completely consistent, while verifying that their imports/exports are made do with most extreme effectiveness.